TB Media Services is backed by almost two decades of experience in the adult online marketplace. While TopBucks and PinkVisual are well known for their award winning content and stature within the adult industry, it has always been our passion for technology that has driven our greatest successes. Our love of technology has led us to develop award winning websites, networks and systems that define the technological state of the industry and have achieved growth despite a tumultuous market.

We look forward to putting our passion, excitement and technology to work for new clients. Let our technology drive your business.

We are seeking creative companies, both large and small, who want to bring something new and exciting to the adult industry and consumer. These companies are bold, consumer driven and looking to focus on what they do best: production, promotion and building their brand and consumer base. Contact us today if you have:

  • Unique Content
  • Impassioned Drive
  • Active Involvement
  • Desire for More Efficiency
  • Need for Productive Resources
  • Performance Development Opportunities
  • Our clients are provided with a reliable and flexible tech-infrastructure that meets their specific needs and promotes success. We provide a wide variety of services, which can be selected a la carte or as a package. TB Media Services leverages technical experience as well as our contacts in other areas such as licensing and media to help our clients grow.

  • Full Site Management or Overhauls
  • Device Responsive Websites
  • Mobile Only Websites
  • Custom Design
  • Affiliate Systems Option
  • Media and Publicity Opportunities
  • Content Licensing Opportunities
  • Coming Soon: Eluxo Software
  • TB Media Services worked to create a fully
    device responsive lesbian erotica site.
    TB Media Services created a network of
    mobile transexual sites.
    In progress! TB Media Services contracted
    with Adult Sex Educational Blog for
    a complete overhaul.
    Fleshbot re-launched its site with help from
    us with the goal in mine to streamline
    the front and the backend.