TB Media Services works with every client on an individual basis.  Additionally, our clients get to decide what options work best for their particular needs.  For example, they can choose to have the credit card processing go through our systems or opt to process themselves directly. We provide services either on a flat fee or revenue share basis, which allows us to work with companies both large and small.  

We offer additional opportunities to our clients through our well-established relationships with content licensing groups as well as media and publicity outlets. 

Our goal is to help our clients succeed beyond having a website that is functional and operational, we want your online presence to inspire growth.
We can identify and implement new platforms to diversify your online presence, whether it's a paysite, blog, or free site. We will work with you to determine what elements of your existing site are key and transition them to a new platform. We will also work with you to expand your current functionality or remove excess features.  In the end, TB Media Services can provide ongoing site management or transition the overhauled site back to your team.

Having a website that flows seamlessly across multiple platforms from PC, to tablet, to phone isn't a luxury in today's online market space, it is a necessity that your customers expect. We create customized responsive designs using content delivery methods that are optimized for the hottest computing devices of today as well as tomorrow.
For companies with an already established web presence who are looking to go make it on the small screens, we also offer mobile only website designs that define the word "optimized".  We transcode your content appropriately and offer mobile design options as well as detection scripts that convert phone users into dedicated customers.
Affiliate Systems Option:  TB Media Services can offer your site for promotion within the TopBucks and SalesCash affiliate programs.  Clients determine their own payouts and we manage all the other aspects from fraud monitoring to issuing webmaster checks.    

Media and Publicity:   As a go-to contact for both adult and mainstream media, we can often provide additional exposure to our clients.  We want to see our clients succeed and since we're working with unique companies with fresh ideas, we are excited to leverage our contacts to help you grow.
  Check out Jincey Lumpkin on ABC's Nightline.  

  Content Licensing Opportunities:  With year's of experience in distributing the PinkVisual brand content on multiple platforms beyond internet, including DVD, broadcast, VOD, mobile, and more, it's only natural that we offer similar options to our clients who may not have access to those opportunities.  Beyond brokering the deals, we offer fulfillment options so our clients can simply cash in on their content on multiple delivery platforms.