"I have been extremely happy with my decision to partner with TB Media Services for JuicyPinkBox. Immediately after going live with my new responsive site, my sales numbers doubled and after 9 months they were 5 fold and still growing. I love the fact that I can focus on other aspects of the business and projects while TB Media Services ensures everything runs smoothly and affiliates can promote my site."

- Jincey Lumpkin | Juicy Pink Box

"Talk about great distribution saturation! Using a wealth of different platforms like leased feeds, licensing and broadcast, TB Media Services was really able to maximize our profit per scene. Plus they've been doing all of this for a long time and the whole team over there really knows their stuff... totally easy to work with and really efficient."

- Steve R | Melting Images | Brutal bucks

"TBMedia Services has helped us unlock the full potential of our content library. Grooby already has an established reputation and history and coupled with the TBMS systems and mobile solutions, we have opened to more markets and revenue streams. It is a pleasure to work with a responsive team of professionals who understand the twists and turns of the adult industry."

- Steven Grooby | Grooby Bucks

"Grand Slam Media jumped on the opportunity to work with TB Media Services and Xyou.com. We knew that combining the TBMS tech tools and backend with our sales team would be an unstoppable force, and the results have been stellar. We now have a fully device responsive site that comes complete with full linguistic translations, and as a result we've been able to create totally unique advertising opportunities while simultaneously reaching a much larger audience."

- Luke | Grand Slam Media

"I have been working with TB Media Services now for over two years. They have been absolutely incredible. I run a website dedicated to the video game lifestyle, so I needed a website that was both efficient and high tech, but also easy to use. The staff at TB Media Services are always quick to respond, proficient , and they are quite knowledgeable. Finding a company to trust your internet needs to is a difficult task, but TB Media Services has proven their worth to me time and time again. They have helped me become my own webmaster and I am thankful for that. Because my experience with TB Media Services has been flawless, I have gone to them to help me build other websites I've needed, and I am very pleased to continue doing business with them."

- Alana Evans | PWNED by Girls